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HEADparticipants: support countries with multi-word namesTudor Roman3 years
masteradded flags for georgia and greeceTudor Roman17 months
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2020-12-01added flags for georgia and greeceHEADmasterTudor Roman
2020-11-27adjust participants template; added flagsTudor Roman
2020-11-26increase contrast for download linksTudor Roman
2020-11-23Merge branch 'oops2' into masterTudor Roman
2020-11-23style changes for rmi 2020Tudor Roman
2020-11-23fixed shortcodesTudor Roman
2020-04-24update licenseTudor Roman
2019-10-08nothingTudor Roman
2019-10-08added Vianu flagTudor Roman
2019-10-08better country flag displayCiprian Ionescu