AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-07we all know that's not going to happenHEADmasterTudor Roman
2021-01-07Merge pull request #4 from neyuki/masterTudor Roman
2021-01-07building under latest libwm correctionsneyuki
2017-02-15update makefilev0.1.0Tudor Roman
2017-02-15change version fileTudor Roman
2017-02-15readme: fixed typoTudor Roman
2017-02-15fix little bits from the manual pageTudor Roman
2017-02-15added -v flag: print version informationTudor Roman
2017-02-13ruler can load from XDG_CONFIG_HOME properlyTudor Roman
2017-02-12readme: building instructions and dependenciesTudor Roman
2017-02-11most functionality done. please fix loading from XDG_CONFIG_HOMETudor Roman
2017-02-05signals and new man page. the software is not yet finishedTudor Roman
2017-02-04command execution, flags and man page stubTudor Roman
2017-02-03regex and block matchingTudor Roman
2017-02-01modified readme. more criteria. new testTudor Roman
2017-02-01initTudor Roman