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title={<>Jury Member, <a href="">InfoEducație National Olympiad for Digital Innovation and Creation</a></>}
I was part of the judging committee for the most important software development competition
for high school students in Romania. Together with the other members of the judging team,
I evaluated the participants' software projects, and helped them with constructive feedback
and tips for their future projects.
times={[{datetime: "2023-04/2023-05", human: <>April&ndash;May 2023</>}]}
title="Teaching Assistant, Computer Networks">
Part of the core team for a foundational course taught to first-year students.
Designed a new assignment through which students learn about the evolution from HTTP/1.1
to HTTP/2 by examining traffic through Wireshark.
times={[{datetime: "2019", human: "2019"}]}
title="High School Linux Programming Club">
Organised an informal club, with weekly meetings, during which <a href="">Alex</a> and I taught students aged 14&ndash;17
about open-source software, C programming, Linux desktop customisation.
We cultured a casual atmosphere, encouraging geeky students to talk about computers.